Your personal safety and the safety of your vehicle are our top priorities at Park2fly.

  • The whole parking lot is tarmac and lined for easy parking. The high fence around our facility, together with our CCTV system, the regular patrols of our staff, plus our electric gate make our facilities very safe for your vehicles.
  • Sixteen firefighting posts equipped with fire extinguishers are spread all over the parking area.
  • During the night our high elevated spot lights turn the night into day to make it easy for our customers to move around and at the same time making it nearly impossible for anyone to approach the premises unnoticed.
  • Safety during transportation is maintained by our professional drivers who have a high safety background and high standards of service.
  • All our minibuses and trolleys are maintained regularly so we know that they are safe on the road.
  • We ask our customers when they are driving in our facility to drive carefully with a speed restriction of 20km.
  • If a customer hits a car in our facility then this should be reported right away to our office personnel.

Just a reminder our CCTV system records 24 hours a day.

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