Valet Service


In addition to our self parking services with a free shuttle bus service we also offer the choice of valet parking. In this case you have the choice to have your car picked up and delivered by one of our staff member from and to the airport. Your car will be driven and parked at our secured facilities during your trip.

In order to give you even more choices, you can have your car only picked up if you are in a hurry on your departure day and then on your return you can use our free shuttle service or use the free shuttle service on your departure and on your return to have your car waiting for you at the airport.  

If you decide to use this service, we need at least a 24-hour notice.

This service comes with an extra charge of €10 for a full pickup and delivery service or €5 if you’re using only one leg (either pick up or delivery) of the full service, the choice is yours.

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