Special scheme for prepaid frequent travelers

In an effort to give the best services and prices to our frequent clients we came up with a long term scheme offering you a 33% discount.

Parking Type

Regular Prices

Long Term Scheme

Uncovered parking

€5.95 incl. VAT

€3.98 incl. VAT

Covered parking

€8.33 incl. VAT

€5.58 incl. VAT

Covered plus parking

€9.52 incl. VAT

€6.38 incl. VAT

How does it work?

In order to get your membership card with the 33% discount, you initially pay €150 and from there on you refill your card as needed (minimum refill amount is €100). These prices include V.A.T.

You will be issued your own prepaid card with your account information.

Upon your return you get the actual cost of your parking and the remaining balance of your account. When the full amount is spent the account can be topped up.

Please note that covered parking during peak seasons is subject to availability.

Our effort is to offer a faster, better and cheaper service to you.


  • Any amount of money paid for our special scheme is not refundable.
  • For the first 24 hours for covered parking and 48 hours for uncovered parking there is a minimum charge of €10.


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